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HAKIZIMANA Theodore - General Manager

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HAKIZIMANA Theodore is a passionate Physicist who has more than 35 years of experience in the field of Science Education. He started his career in the Democratic Republic of Congo at ISP Bukavu more precisely. At the time, He was responsible of leading final year students in their research projects. He thought of developing locally with affordable raw materials, some prototypes of Science Lab Materials that would eventually be produced on a larger scale for being used in Secondary Schools that the Final Year Students were meant to teach in. The aim was to enable Schools to provide a better quality of Science Education through the dissemination of affordable Science lab materials. Prototypes that were designed and  produced were mainly related to Physics. Unfortunately this great initiative could not bear its fruit as those prototypes remained prototypes and there was no follow up due to a poor Institutional support. In the mid 80s, He moved to Ndjamena in Chad where he pursued his initiative with ENS(Ecole Normale Superieure)  final year students. Fortunately, this time around,  prototypes became products and they were produced on a larger scale and distributed in Schools with the help of the African Development Bank and UNESCO.  This was a tremendous success to the extent that some products were showcased in various Scientific and Education conferences in Africa(Nairobi, Dakar, Ndjamena).

 Proud of having the opportunity to return in his mother land, he arrived in Rwanda after 1994 with the firm intention of letting his country benefit from his experience. Unfortunately,  the country was in the process of rebuilding itself and Science Education was not the utmost priority let alone Education in general. In this context, Theodore worked in various UNDP projects under MINECOFIN & NISR and was not involved in the Education sector as per say but still had in mind his passion. 

In 2009, The strong will of the government to promote Science and technology reenacted his enthusiasm and he thought  it was the right time to awaken his precious project and play a role in this. His baby “SES” was born.


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I never had the chance to experiment science when I was a student, thus I was reluctant to use Science lab materials while teaching, thanks to SES I now feel I master what I am teaching and I feel the enthusiasm of pupils in class.

Mugabo Thomas, Teacher - Nyundo Primary School

Finally we can learn by doing, this will definitely help us in the practical national examinations

Kayonga Alan, Student - Groupe Scolaire IFAK